Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for all of your prayers and assistance this past month of August. Our prayer letter for this month is going to be limited to this email, due to time constraints. Your prayers have been answered this past month in mighty ways with 1 one new soul added to the Church and others who have recently been saved and decided to be baptized, at least 3 will be baptized this coming month of September and I'm still counseling to others. One young woman was threatened by her grandmother to be ostracized if she decided to be baptized, but she has chosen to follow the Lord's path. Please pray for the boldness of this young woman and others as well. We held our 3rd youth outreach this past month and it was blessed with over 60 youth in attendance, many of whom are classmates of youth who are members in the Church and heard the Gospel for the first time. Two new families are also attending Church services regularly and Sunday morning worship service is steady at 80, and through your prayers will continue to grow! We estimate that the Church building here can hold 200 people, but we hope and pray to squeeze in more than that!

Please pray for Kristine and the birth of Joshua, which is now scheduled THIS Thursday, September 1! Kristine has a slight history of asthma and when the doctor found out, she advised that we schedule a c-section operation. The doctor doesn't think that Kristine will make it to September 16th before she goes into labor, so they scheduled the c-section a little bit earlier. Thanks for the special money donations for Kristine's birth, the total hospital bill will be approx. $400 and we've been given over $500 in total extra support for the upcoming birth, so we certainly won't be hard-pressed in purchasing other little needs that will come up. I will email pictures of baby Joshua as soon as possible! Thank you to you all for your generosity and faithful financial and pray support in all areas! Each of you are in our constant thoughts and prayers!

Yours in Christ,
Jeremy and Kristine