Dear Everyone,

Thank you all of your prayers and support this past month of September. Due to time constraints (AGAIN) we will only be sending out this rather short email notice. We will hopefully be able to send out something more detailed again next month. We praise God as 4 new converts were baptized this past month and through outreaches new souls are willing to listen to the good news! We saw our largest attendance this past month with over 90 attending one Sunday morning worship service. In my last email I informed you of a young girl who was punched and slapped by her grandmother because she didn't stop attending Church, and through your prayers this young girl has been strengthened in her faith. She continues to attend worship services and says she's not afraid of what her grandmother might do. Please continue praying for such bold and fervent faith in the people here!

We thank you for your prayers also for Kristine and Joshua, both are doing very well and little Joshua seems to be growing up quite fast! Please write us if you can and share your prayer requests with us also. Thanks and God bless you all!

In Christ,
Ferguson Family