Dear family and friends,

Thank you for your ever encouraging prayers and support throughout this past month of April, we have been strengthened by them incredibly, as we all need! Personally we have been strengthened in our relationship with the Lord Jesus and many others have been as well! Oppositions that I have mentioned in the past continue to come, but the believers continue to hold on strongly to the Lord, and I believe with all my heart that each and every single prayer of yours is a huge reason! Last month I mentioned the Nuqui family and we ask you to continue praying hard for them as the husband has not relented.

Please pray also for a new believer, Janet, who was recently punched by her husband when she came home from Church. The husband is an alcoholic and doesn't want Janet to continue coming to Church, though she is still attending. This man is under strong conviction of his sins, especially as he sees his wife's faithfulness to the Lord, and instead of yielding to the fire of the Spirit he only attempts to quench it with his anger and physical abuse towards his wife. Please pray that this man will yield to Jesus Christ. Please pray that the Lord will do whatever it may take for such a person to open his eyes and see clearly. Filipinos are very superstitious and often have dreams from which they claim to gather many of their beliefs. This is something that most of us aren't familiar with and often very uncomfortable about. However, a new Christian here recently told me that some time back she asked God to show her the truth, as she wanted to be saved from her sins. She didn't know what to do, but just knew that she was lost in her sins and wanted to know how to be saved. She said that God gave her a dream one night in which she was told that she would meet a person coming to her with the Bible to teach her the truth. The next day we met through an evangelistic outreach and she received Christ. I have thought much about Acts 10 since then and thank and continue to pray and ask the Lord to do anything to open up people's eyes to repent and believe in His Words!

Please pray for our upcoming VBS, May 15-19, and also a 3-day revival May 22-24; that God will use these times to win many lost souls! We also ask you to please continue praying as well for Kristine's problem with glaucoma. The pain seems to come and go still and Kristine is going to be visiting an eye doctor again before too long. Please pray also for my dad who is going to be visiting here May 1 - May 8. Then, on May 26th, we have now confirmed a date when we will be going to Manila again where Kristine and Josh will have an interview to see about obtaining a visa. We're not exactly sure when we might plan to make a trip back home, but please just keep it all in your constant prayers! Thank you all so much for your faithful prayers in all these areas, please let us know how we can always be in prayer for you as well! God bless you all!

In Christ,
Ferguson Family