Dear Family and Friends,

We thank God for each of you joining the battle for lost souls here in the Philippines! And I say battle because that's exactly where we all are as a Christian, in the midst of a fiery battleground, not a playground. Satan has fired up his attacks here and we ask each of you to join us on our knees, for truly this battle is not won on our feet, but on our knees praying and humbling ourselves before the Lord. First, please be in prayer for a number of visitors who have come to Church recently as we've noticed that many have not come back, not because of lack of interest, but because they have moved to other areas of the Philippines to find work. Just this past weekend a family visited the Church for the first time and when I invited them to come back they told me that they would be moving to another island here in the Philippines this coming week! The Church has begun praying specifically that God would provide work for such people here in this area so that they can continue learning the Word and come to be saved. We realize that Satan's armies are involved as he will do anything to get people away from the Word, even helping people find work in another area so that they won't continue listening to Bible teaching. Please pray for current Church visitors to continue listening and follow the Lord and stay in this area. Secondly, we've seen a drop in the number of children and youth attending Church recently and ask for your intercessions for them. The main avenue of attack has been through parents who don't want them learning the Bible. One youth, who has been a faithful member for over a year now, is suddenly being forbidden by her father from attending Church. The father told her that if she comes back to Church that he will move her to a different province to live with other relatives. Please pray that this man's hard heart will be softened by the Lord Jesus Christ. Thirdly, please pray for one family in the Church as the husband has a strong desire to serve in the ministry, but the wife is not ready. They're both faithful in the Church, but the wife is scared at the thought of serving in the ministry. Please pray that she will submit to the Lord's calling and trust Him entirely. Through your prayers God will overcome these attacks of the enemy!

Please continue praying for the Church and it's spiritual growth through their giving of tithes and offerings. We're currently challenging them to strive for a new financial giving goal of $400 monthly, including $60 for foreign missionaries. The Church is now financially supporting a third missionary family who just left this past month to spread the Gospel in Vietnam. Praise God that they are able to do this! They have been challenged to believe in Malachi 3:10 and many have stepped up to the challenge! Please pray for the overall program to grow and for the members to increase their faith through their giving to the ministry! And please pray for growth in the Bible Institute ministry, that God would use this to train the nationals here for the work of the ministry. Praise God as another young man in the Church recently came to me and said, "Pastor, nais kong sana pumasok sa BI, pwede ba?" Oh, that means he wants to start studying in the Bible Institute (BI) program! This young man is 18 years old and before he was saved was living for the world, pray that the Word will now be #1 in his life and that he will get involved and be faithful to the BI ministry here.

Please continue to pray for the Church's outreach to the nearby province and join us in thanking God as there used to be three of us going over there, but there are now four of us regularly going! Pray for the adults and children who are listening to come to knowledge and submission to the Lord's salvation and that the entire work will grow and expand and a new Church to be planted for the Lord's glory! Praise God as many of the adults and young people who are listening there are developing a good understanding; pray that they will all continue listening and be saved!

Our family is doing great and we thank you all for your prayers and financial support for us. Josh is going on 2 years old now when it seems like he was only born 2 months ago! And it's almost harder to belive that he has rarely been sick, God has blessed us tremendously! We're working on processing Josh's passport paperwork in plans of a visit back home sometime, pray that things will miraculously come together, as a miracle is what it takes when it comes to processing paperwork here! I've included Josh's passport photo below, you'll see that he's camera-shy, but that's about the only time he's shy! He's a great kid and we hope it won't be long before you all get to meet him! Thanks and God bless each of you richly as you have blessed us the same!

Yours in Christ,
Ferguson Family

DID YOU KNOW : Your enemy never sleeps, works double time, and has 1/3 of heavens angels working just as hard for him? Don't be ignorant of his devices, but get busy in studying his tactics so that you will be prepared for his attacks!

Josh at two years old...he's not really that shy!