Dear Family and Friends,

We praise and thank the Lord for each of you who are faithfully supporting the ministry here through your prayerful and financial sacrifices! We wish that you could all spend time here personally seeing the Lord's work, but we will all see the fullness from Heaven's viewpoint when the day comes! And speaking of Heaven please pray for the multitudes here who are headed in the opposite direction to the fiery flames of hell, not having any desire to repent from the wickedness of worldliness and idol worship, as such abounds in the nation of the Philippines. Through your prayers we have seen hard hearts softened and come to the Lord in repentance for salvation! Several people have been saved in even the past 2 months and several of them will be baptized before this year's end!

Please pray for one woman named Elizabeth who has been listening to Bible studies and is desiring to learn more and become faithful to Church, but is not being allowed by her husband to attend Church or listen to Bible studies at home. Please pray that whatever hardness that is in this man's heart will be softened by a desire as well to learn the truth! Please pray this also for a good number of youth who have heard the Gospel and have developed a desire to attend Church, but are not being allowed by their parents. Please continue praying as well that visitors will not have to move away to other areas to find work as the devil is still using this avenue to hinder people from learning God's Word here. Just recently we saw 3 regular Church visitors move away to other places to find work. Church attendance is still right around 150 on Sunday morning, but that number would be slightly above 200 I believe if it weren't for many people moving away to other areas. Please pray also for some family members of different Church members who have started listening to the Bible recently. Winning lost family members has been a prayer of ours for a long time now as there are a good number of members who have a lost spouse and other family members that have expressed no desire at all to hear the Bible. However, some hearts have been changing lately and we ask you to pray for this to continue! Pray that the members will be faithful in continuing to share the truth to all people at all times. I recently taught them a series of messages on soul-winning where they learned that there's no Christian without a vision for the Great Commission. More have gotten on fire to share the Gospel and God has been blessing!

We continue to bring good news also from the mission work in the nearby province of Neuva Ecija as we continue to teach people over there every Monday! We continue to see 15+ adults and 15+ children/youth every week. Some new people have joined the Bible study group and it won't be long before we see some of the first baptisms! Pray for one new family who we've been witnessing to who is listening weekly, but has much confusion, pray for their eyes to be opened! Please pray also for the time when someone will be able to work in this ministry full-time, particularly for one of the Bible Institute students to become a leader in this outreach. Within a year from now there will be at least 2 students from the Bible Institute here that will be graduating. Please pray for them and others to give their lives to full-time ministry for the Lord!

We ask your prayers for the Lord's physical healing in some of our friends here. We sent you all this past month an e-mail regarding Sister Sarah Del Monte, who has been diagnosed with Tuberculosis, and we ask you to continue praying for the Lord's healing in her body. Fortunately the illness was spotted in the early stages and is being treated with a 6 month treatment which the Philippine Government freely provides for anyone in the country who has Tuberculosis. The illness is very common throughout the islands here. Sarah has been on the medication for less than a month now and is still feeling pretty weak, please pray for physical and spiritual strength for her in this time of trial. Please pray also for a young man named Jonathan who has received Christ and will soon be baptized. Jonathan is only 14 years old, but recently collapsed while at school from an apparent heart problem. He described his heart-beat as suddenly accelerating very fast and then he became unconscious. A local doctor advised heart tests to be performed, but his family is extremely poor and unable to pay for such examinations. I talked to Jonathan and sensed his fear of this problem, but since he has repented and received Jesus his faith has obviously overcome his fear! Since this incident happened he has been doing well, but please pray that the problem will not re-occur.

Thank you also for your prayers for the entire Ferguson family as we are all doing well! Please pray though for Kristine's eye problem, which has bothered her in the past. It's come back to bother her a few times this past month. Josh recently received his American passport and is officially an American citizen so we are praying about when would be a good time to make a trip back home, but there's much to consider. With so much happening here we're just praying for the Lord's will regarding this. You can see in the picture below that Josh is growing like a weed! He's doing great and we appreciate all that each of you do for us here, God bless you all!

Your in Christ,
Ferguson Family

Josh heading to Church with his baby Bible!