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Jeremy and Kristine Ferguson – July/August 2008 Newsletter -


Highland Baptist Church

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Dear Family and Friends,

As always, we write to you rejoicing for all of the good things that the Lord has been doing! It's so exciting to write to each of you about all of the works that God is doing here because we know that it wouldn't be happening apart from the involvement of each of you!

The first piece of news we want to share is in regards to a continued growth in the Church in Pampanga as we saw 15 more baptized throughout the months of July and August, praise the Lord! As you can see in the pictures below the ages of those recently baptized ranged from young to middle age. We are thankful to God to see more young people coming to salvation! There are also at least 2 more young people who will definitely be baptized in October and also a young 10 year old girl who wants to be baptized, but her mother doesn't want to give her permission. Please remember her in your prayers. This is all a result of active prayer to the Lord and soul-winning! Many of these new Christians have immediately become active in soul-winning which is a great blessing to see! One newly baptized man has already brought his sister and another entire family to Church services and all of these are showing great interest in listening at Church and at Bible Studies! Even many of the young people are inviting their friends and schoolmates! Another member in the Church, who often participates in house-to-house soul-winning, has a group of 8 visitors who are attending regularly. All of this is just incredibly exciting and we wish you were all here to see the Lord working with your own eyes! But just remember that through your faithful time on your knees you really are here with us and all of this is a result of God answering all of our prayers together!

Overall Church attendance has been a little bit higher with nearly 160 on Sunday morning and very high attendance in the afternoon and at midweek meeting also, praise God! Our Sunday program is a little bit different than what most are used to. Some of the people bring their own lunch on Sunday and those who live nearby the Church building go home and eat and then the afternoon activities immediately start afterwards at 1PM. We did this to allow for more soul-winning time on Sunday evening, in which a good number of members are participating in as they go out and conduct their own Bible studies. This has been really effective as many people who are usually at work are at their homes on Sunday afternoon.

We've also started a new Sunday School class which is being taught by one of our Bible College Students. We now have 7 Sunday School classes which is really exciting to see also! Sunday School here is a little bit different than what many of you may be used to because Sunday School starts AFTER Sunday morning worship service. We did this to ensure that even the visitors are there in Sunday School time. Please pray for the Church also as they strive to do more work on their building. We still don't have windows or a door, but the funds have been saved up now and plans are being made. Some of the men in the Church, who work as welders, will be handling the windows. We're also challenging them for a new goal in their building project, a two-story classroom structure immediately at the back of the Church building. Please pray for them as they sacrifice to do these things as the economy here is really at a low point, but praise God as this hasn't stopped them from giving sacrificially. In fact, their giving through tithes and offerings continue to grow higher and higher! I was recently talking with another missionary and he was shocked to know that I hadn't travelled back home to visit Church in order to raise funds for a Church building here. When I was asked how these poor people are able to give so much I simply pointed them to 2 Cor 8;5, "And this they did, not as we hoped, but first gave their own selves to the Lord." I always remember that, as the poor widow shows us, no one is too poor to give!

Please continue praying for our outreaches in the public Schools. We are still teaching Bible studies in two of the High Schools and we have now been given permission by one Elementary Schools. The prayers are really being blessed. In our last report we told you how in one school we were given permission to teach in the School's covered court and now that situation has improved even more as we have been given permission to teach all of the 10 different classes from room-to-room! This will ensure that each of the High School's 500+ students will listen to these Bible studies! Pray that God will nightly use these outreaches in the Schools to reach young people!

Please continue praying also for our two mission points. Both of these are doing well and we're praying for full time missionaries to be sent to these locations as currently we are only working in these areas on a part-time basis. Related to this above prayer request is that for the Bible College ministry, especially for more to enroll and study to give their life to the work of the ministry. We have some new men who are going to begin studying in the College in the near future so that is very exciting! We also have a good group of women who are being trained in the College. PLEASE PRAY for more workers as that is the great need (Matt 9:38)! When we look at all of the souls to be reached our hearts break. But we continue praying to the Lord to use us in greater ways and to call more people into the ministry! Also, I encourage each of you to keep on boldly sharing the faith and praying for the lost. About two months ago, as we were coming home from a Bible study one evening, I was praying in my heart and felt the Spirit leading me to go and knock on a door at a nearby area. I thought that it might not be good timing since it was getting late, but it turned out to be perfect timing. We were immediately invited inside the home and were able to begin regular Bible studies and the family began coming to Church. Two of them were part of the recent baptisms and some of the others may well be a part of the next baptisms in October, praise to God for it all! Keep your heart open always to winning the lost and we will surely reach more and more!

We thank you also for praying for our family. We are all doing really well. Please keep praying for us to be strong, both spiritually and physically, as we're really busy right now. Josh just turned 3 years old and I think he's going on 30! He's so tall that most people think he's 4 or going on 5 now! He knows how to speak English, Tagalog, and Pampango, but his favorite seems to be Tagalog as he can speak it incredibly clear and he knows how to say just about anything! Maybe next year I can have him write a small note in one of our reports! Thanks for everything and God bless you all!

Yours in Christ,
Ferguson Family

Matthew 28:19, "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them...Mgsiyaon nga kayo, at gawin ninyong mga alagad ang lahat ng mga bansa, na sila'y inyong bautismuhan"

Recent Baptisms!

Recent Baptisms!

Young Filipino Man Being Baptized!

Josh and His Best Friend at Church, Ace!